The requirements to be admitted into the Neophyte Adeptus Minor of the Sodalitas Solis Alati are:

  • Recommendation to initiation by the local College of the SSA.
  • A written thesis on an aspect of the SRC. The recommended length on the thesis is 10-12 pages.
  • The candidates for initiation must have been a member of the Portal grade for at least 9 months and completed the required work therein.

An adept trained in another tradition than the Sodalitas Rosae Crucis can, under special circumstances, be invited and accepted into the Order as an Honorary Member.


All members who have attained the grade of Neophyte Adeptus Minor, or higher, are members of the College of the Adepti.


The College of the Adepti has three tasks:

  • To conduct research into the Order’s traditions and the nature of the Mysteries.
  • To develop esoteric doctrines together with pedagogic forms for these.
  • To assist the leaders of the Sodalitas Rosae Crucis in running that Order.