Ave, and Fraternal greetings!


– Our Work – Our Vision – Manifesto –


Sodalitas Rosae+Crucis & Solis Alati is a magical, mystical and alchemical Order, manifested in the fall of 2002 A.D., and publicly opened at the spring equinox 2003. Our intention is to bring together some of the main esoteric streams and movements within the western hermetic tradition, under the apophthegm of the Rosicrucian ideal, as stated in the Fama and Confessio: a brotherhood, working in secrecy, focused on a sincere inner development of its members, thereby affecting the world at large, without any interest of financial gain.


The name, Sodalitas Rosae+Crucis & Solis Alati, is in fact the name of two Orders; the first, Sodalitas Rosae+Crucis (S.R.C.), translates into “The Secret Society of the Rosy Cross”, thus representing the Rosicrucian flavour of the magical and mystical processes that lead the candidate to a full contact with his/her Holy Guardian Angel. The second, Sodalitas Solis Alati (S.S.A.), which translates into “The Secret Society of the Winged Sun”, indicates the alchemical work that the adept is then ready for. Within these two Orders, the magical work and initiations of the Golden Dawn, Alpha & Omega and Rosae Rubeae et Aurea Crucis, the mystical work and initiations of Christian Theurgy and the alchemical work of the Royal Path integrates into a coherent system of personal unfoldment and development, where every step follows the next in a clear and consistent way.


The purpose of the Order is the perpetuation and realization of the western hermetic tradition in this new era. Our work is to bring forth the Light of our predecessors, our Mothers and Fathers in Gnosis, Who have perpetuated Truth through the traditions of the Rosicrucian Order, the Primitive Rites of the Egyptians, the Royal Art of the Alchemists, The Concealed Mysteries of the Kabbalists & the Gnosis of our beloved Lady Sofia.


We invite you to read through the information provided on this site, as well as to contact us if you want further information.


In L.V.X.
Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua.