Splendor Solis

Splendor Solis

Splendor Solis is the official periodical of the SRC&SSA, that was started in 2003. You need the current pw to be able to read the periodical. Some of its articles are available to non-members on our Resource page.

Splendor Solis Issue 17.

Splendor Solis Issue 16.

Splendor Solis Issue 16.

Splendor Solis Issue 15.

Splendor Solis Issue 14.

Splendor Solis Issue 13.

Meditation on Atu XV, Walking with Anpu, Noah and the survival of the fittest, Historical data of the pre- MM rites, Tarot drama theater, RC seal, Vesica, The gnostics, Rending the spheres, The weird phantasmagorical battle, Egregores, The hermetic art, Esoteric doodles

The Sun, Making your own magical tools, What is a Kerux?, The regenerated cube of space, The alternative universe of programming, In defense of Zayin, Mut and Neith, US gathering, Temple reports, Poems

Mars, Intro to alchemy, The alchemical room, What is the Great Work, Divine names and lineal figures, Maiers emblem eight, Temple reports, Art.

Venus, Plant magic, Astrology and ritual, A Abulafia, Gathering report 2008, The new leaders, Ritual of the indwelling wisdom

Jupiter, Anniversary and new leaders, God and presence, Int fee, Interview with AVIAF, Gathering report 2007, The founding of the SRC&SSA

Mercurius, GuRC overview, Modern man in search of spirit, Pythagorean philosophy of numbers (part 3)

The moon, Initiation and amnesia, Intro to Hermetics (part 2), Pythagorean philosophy of numbers (part 2), The HGA in the 2nd century

Saturn, Intro to ETARC and cathecism, Gathering report, Pythagorean philosophy of numbers (part 1), Intro to Hermetics (part 1)

OKRC, Planetary seals from kameas, Presentation of the US temple, Notes on the Bornless ritual, Let there be light!, GuRC tracing-board

Our historical currents, Inner Order structure, Reports from Oslo & Stockholm, An initiation journey, The truth is out there!, Perspectives on theurgy, Initiation and death, Wisdom while u Waite

The magical gathering 2004, Elemental weapons, The divine flame, The Eleusinian mysteries

The magical gathering 2003, Magical discipline, The post gathering, Initiation-alchemy-and life

Lapis Exulans

This is the periodical of the Austin Temple, which are shared with all international members of the SRC&SSA, started in 2013. You need the current pw to be able and read the periodical.

The Spheres of Ha-Shem: the spring 2014 US gathering, the Magic of the Shem-am-Mephorach, consecration of the Hierophant’s sceptre, Enochian Tablets, Enochian squares, the Sphere group, the Convuluted Forces, Kabbalistic art work, SOMA:s 3rd annual western mystery conference

The Alchemical Workings: 7 alchemical operations in spagyrics, basic alchemical sequences, planetary herbal corr, names & images of the hall of Maat, chashmalim talisman, sophia talisman, the alchemical queen, intro to SOMA

The Chalice of Tiphareth: US retreat, birth of our patron, ETARC consecration, Z consecration, the Z-formula documents, lightning flash meditation, poems, living the pentagram


To be able to view the first issues correctly, you will first have to download and install a font called occult symbols which is not included in the pdf file.

Occult Symbols


While the Splendor Solis and the Lapis Exulans are not per definition “secret” journals, please do not spread it to non-members without first consulting the SSA.


In L.V.X.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua.

Frater A.V.I.A.F.