Our work


We work with an initiation system, magical processes and exercises based upon the Golden Dawn – RR & AC tradition, complemented by inner mystical processes and exercises; together, these provide a solid foundation upon which the adept can rise. This mystical side is based upon the traditions of original Theosophy (Böhme, Gichtel, Pordage etc). When these two pillars, the magical and the mystical, have been raised, the adept is ready to proceed with the alchemical work of the Royal Path.


Our subject of study is inexhaustible for it is the Universe itself whose Mysteries we seek to fathom by the aid of that secret system of correspondences and formulas, the especial knowledge of the hermetic tradition, the keys of the Wisdom of all Time. Our grades, therefore, form the ladder, which aids us to mount towards this end; a ladder in which not one rung is wanting neither is there a lacuna. We appeal to the soul by the secret formulae hidden in our ceremonies; to the mind by the special studies of the Order, to the body by the stations and movements in the Temple and to the whole being by the combinations of these.