Our vision


The vision of Sodalitas Rosae+Crucis & Solis Alati is to bring together the essence of the core streams of the western hermetic tradition;
  • Ritual magic,
  • Kabbalah,
  • Gnosticism and Christian mysticism
  • Hermeticism and alchemy;
under the apophthegm of the Rosicrucian ideal as stated in the Fama and Confessio: a brotherhood, working in secrecy, focused on a sincere inner development of its members, thereby affecting the world at large, without any interest of financial gain. This inner development is possible as a result of building up and balancing the two pillars of magic and mysticism by initiations and personal work, thereby taking the advantage of both the more rapid processes of magical work and the more introspective processes of mystical work.

Even though we focus much on the roots, care has also been taken to spread an atmosphere of pragmatism; the various traditional rituals and the underlying philosophy, although studied from many perspectives, must be allowed to flourish and be personalized in each member’s sphere of sensation. Thereby is the bone structure, as provided by the tradition, made into a living flesh and body by the individual work, and the inner inspiration becomes a life-giving and vitalising blood.

Furthermore, the political turbulence that has accompanied the hermetic tradition in so many of its various societies is something we by all means try to avoid. The focus should be, on all levels, on the inner developments and the Great Work and not on trivial disputes.

Also, the Order is never to have one Chief or leader with total authority and who alone holds the various lineages. History has shown too many times what that tends to result in. Instead, the authority, leadership and lineages are shared by a Grand Council of the College of Adepti, who together lead the Order.