Sodalitas Solis Alati




The Sodalitas Solis Alati has as its prime goal to inspire its members to delve deeper into the Mysteries they have discovered through their initiatory journey from Neophyte to Adeptus Minor, and thus help its members with that greatest of tasks of becoming more than human.


The Order shall guide the candidates to find and learn how to best manifest that Royal Secret which dissolves, unites and reveals all mysteries of Heaven and Earth.


The Order shall inspire the members of the College of the Adepti to deepen their understanding of the classical and traditional western mystery traditions. Furthermore to explore the core traditions of western esotericism so that the teachings of our predecessors may be brought to light and that we may find a better means of perpetuating these to coming generations.


There are seven core traditions (known as the Seven Paths) that the Sodalitas Solis Alati perpetuates:

  • RR & AC
  • Kabbalah
  • Apostolica
  • Rosicruciana (RC)
  • Alchemy
  • Solomonic
  • Arcana Arcanorum

The SSA operates and initiates in the following grades: 5°=6° Adeptus Minor, 6°=5° Adeptus Major, 7°=4° Adeptus Exemptus. The SSA uses 5 further sub-grades within each main grade, from Neophyte to Adept (i.e. Neophyte Adeptus Minor, Juniorus Adeptus Minor etc.).