An aspiring member must be ready to attend the meetings of his/her local Temple, as well as put aside the time necessary each day for personal studies and practices. Normally, there are two meetings every month. Members living abroad or far from a Temple might be given excuse for not attending every meeting, but will have to compensate for that with personal work.


Aspiring members should consider that, although the S.R.C. & S.S.A. is open to all free men and women regardless of religion, the initiation process works foremost within a Gnostic, Egyptian and Judeo-Christian symbol system.


Every person seeking admission to the Order must complete the Operation of Three Months and upon this shall have two sponsors who will vouch for the qualities and confirm that his/her intentions are pure. If the aspirant is unknown to the Temple’s members, it will be the sponsors who conduct the interview. Every aspirant shall provide a correctly filled-in application form, which shall be supplied to the Temple by the applicant’s main sponsor.


A neophyte in our Order will have to swear an oath of the strictest secrecy regarding everything about the S.R.C. The reason for this is to manifest one of the most important virtues required for sincere occult studies, i.e. silence. As the neophyte advances in grades, he or she will be able to speak more openly about the Order and his or her understanding of the same.


Neophytes will have to report their work to their individual tutors on a regular basis. Both the tutor and the Hierophant must grant requests for advancement in grades, before further initiations can take place. Also, the candidate must be able to pass both the required theoretical and practical examinations before advancement can take place.


Serious inquiries can be addressed to or to the Temple or Circle in question. Please note, however, that we neither offer correspondence courses nor distance membership.