No member or officer shall receive financial recompense for his/her work in the Order.


Each Temple or Circle shall have a locally-fixed subscription for every period, according to its needs. This subscription shall be used for rent of premises and consumption material, and maintenance of Temple outfit and regalia.


Each initiation has a fixed fee which is set at approximately €100/$150 in local currency. This money shall cover the cost of printing handbooks, rituals, rent of the venue and expenses directly connected to the initiation. In a case where there is money remaining, this shall go towards the maintenance of the Temple.


Each member is to submit an international fee at the Vernal Equinox, set to one day worth of labour. This way the sum will be approximately the same for each member, taking into consideration the wages and costs of living in different countries. The international dues are only to be used for purposes that will benefit the whole Order.


In a case where there is a valid reason, a candidate can be exempted from initiation and subscription costs, as well as international dues, or be allowed to postpone payment.


If you wish to donate funds for the perputation of the hermetic tradition and the development of the Order, please use paypal below.